Retirement Reboot Excerpt

Check out this excerpt in the New York Times from our friend Mark Miller’s new book, Retirement Reboot: Commonsense Strategies for Getting Back on Track discussing the role of a financial planner and process for finding the right one.

I’ve been writing and researching articles on finance and money for most of my career, and covering retirement for the past 15 years. But my wife and I haven’t picked a stock or mutual fund for our own retirement accounts since the late 1990s, or written our own retirement plan. For that, we rely on a financial planner.

Hiring a planner is one of the smartest financial moves we have made. This type of advice was once a subset of the wealth management business, which — as the name suggests — was available mostly to the wealthy. But over the past couple of decades, financial planning has become more accessible to average folks, and its approach has become far more professional and holistic.

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